Astraverse Meaning: What does Astraverse really mean? Is Astraverse a Movie? ( Brahmāstra Movie )


There is Multiverse of Madness, and there is Marvel Cinematic Universe, but hey what is this with Astraverse? You might have heard Astraverse many times here and there.

The word Astraverse originated way before Multiverse of Madness or the term Multiverse was even known (this is what we believe). The term Astraverse has gained significance just recently. Here’s looking at how the Astraverse term was coined and how Astraverse term should be correctly pronounced.

What is Astraverse? Astraverse Meaning explained

Astraverse is nothing but a combination of 2 words. Astra which means weapon and verse means a chapter. The term “Astra” is taken from the upcoming adventure fantasy movie Brahmāstra. As we all know that Brahmāstra is a trilogy or a 3-part movie series. For quite a long time, particularly in the western world, if a movie is being made in parts, they are given the term universe and not a trilogy or series. Astraverse is actually a way of saying Ayan Mukherji’s (Brahmāstra’s director) Brahmāstra universe. This is how the term Astraverse was born – by combining 2 words which are Brahmāstra and Universe.

Here’s how to pronounce Astraverse correctly

If you are pronouncing the term ‘Astra’ just as Astra and not as ‘अस्त्र’ then probably you need some correction. The correct pronunciation of Astraverse is ‘अस्त्र-verse’.

Is Astraverse a movie?

If you are still wondering whether Astraverse is a movie, then you are wrong. Astraverse is not a movie, it is a term coined for Ayan Mukherji’s Brahmāstra trilogy or Brahmāstra universe.

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